It's been a long time...

2010-09-24 04:04:26 by Greensinge

Holy shit. I haven't submitted anything to the portal for a very long time now, in fact I've barely even visited Newgrounds at all over the last year.

Everything just went crazy for me, career-wise, and suddenly I had jumped from making bizarre animations for the portal to working full-time as a professional Flash Developer. I've been very busy lately, but I'm finally realizing again how much I love Newgrounds, and I can't wait to get back into submitting stuff that I've made.

I've been working on a special animation project with a friend, something that we are really excited about getting launched as soon as possible.

I've also recently begun a blog with the same friend, called BangClickReload. It's all about games and movies and anything else we've deemed worth a mention! So please check that out if it sounds like something you might be interested in.

I'm looking forward to getting back into Newgrounds and attempting some cool shit to submit, so see y'all in the portal soon! :)


My Projects

2008-06-14 15:34:09 by Greensinge

Ok, so this news post is more for myself than for any other reason. I realised that I keep on taking on Flash projects when I still have others to finish, which isn't such a bad thing, but when you kind of forget about the first ones, it get's to be a bit of a hassle.

So this page is really for my own personal use so I can keep track of the projects I'm involved with and jump straight to the related threads.

Recently Finished Projects:

MGS: Flash Collab Disc 01 - 1 Entry
The Secret Behind Gordon's Silence

My Projects

The Orange Box Collab

2008-04-14 10:04:31 by Greensinge

Hey to anyone and everyone!

Now that I've finished my part for the Resident Evil Collab, I've been able to start work on my part for The Orange Box Collab which is being run by assasinrabbit and mechanixnut.

Zoot! I finished my part today, so keep your eyes peeled for The Orange Box Collab's entry into the portal :)

Voice acting by Omahdon and KagomeHigurashi (Rhina-Chan)

The Orange Box Collab

Resident Evil Collab Entry

2008-03-23 15:12:29 by Greensinge

My part in the Resident Evil Collab is pretty much finished!

I'll update when I know the date that the collab is being released into the portal :)


Resident Evil Collab Entry

Web Site Up and Running!

2008-03-07 13:55:24 by Greensinge

Hi everyone who might happen to be looking at this post! :)

Just to let you know, the home for Greensinge Animations is now online and ready for people to visit!

The menu and layout isn't fully completed yet, but I now have the domain name and a few animations are on there. Unfortunately there isn't too much to look at at the moment, but I will be adding artwork and animations that won't be seen on Newgrounds sooner or later. But for the moment, I have lots of work to do!

In the mean-time, please check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks a lot!


Just a quick post to say thanks to everyone who voted positively for my latest flash Back Shelf Shorts #05, as well as for all of the others, because thanks to you I got another award (daily 5th place, which is great for me!) and so this Flash was my second submission in a row to recieve an 'awesome' blue score!

Thanks to everybody for the kind reviews and interesting feedback, you're all an inspiration to get straight back into Flash and create more, despite the technical difficulties I've been having with it as of late.

Expect to see more submissions toward the end of this month, but more likely very soon after, as I have a lot of work to catch up on for University (I've spent more time messing about on Flash than I have studying!) :)

I currently have a couple of ideas floating around in my head, but nothing on paper yet, so keep an eye out for any information on new submissions toward the end of March!

Thanks again folks! :)


Back Shelf Shorts #05 - Another Thank You!

Updated Audio for Back Shelf Shorts #04

2008-02-28 13:03:46 by Greensinge

Good evening!

To anybody who saw Back Shelf Shorts #04 when it was first released into the portal, you will have experienced the version which had audio problems. If you were dissapointed by this, you may be pleased to learn that the audio has now been updated to the best of my capabilities with the broken version of Flash I am using!

Thanks again to everybody who voted to get me an awesome score, and even better, my first ever award!

Keep your eyes peeled for Back Shelf Shorts #05!



Updated Audio for Back Shelf Shorts #04